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Owner's Full Name: Hide!
Street Address: Hide!
Country: United States
Area Code: 209
City: Sonora
State: California
Company: Unknown

(5) Comments on “209-110-1527

  1. Reid says:

    Random phone call at 0343 AM

  2. Jesse says:

    Called 27 times. When I finally answered, they didn\'t speak english

  3. Saul says:

    Called back and they hang up...

  4. Cesar says:

    This guy called me last Friday saying the same stuff I was entered into a sweepstakes etc. he wanted to verify my address which he told to me correct and then proceded to sell me magazines I told him I wasn\'t interested and he continued to talk so I hung up he called me back and asked if we were disconnected I told him no I hung up because I am not interested and he hung up on me. I wouldn\'t say 5min later I received another phone call from a 310 area code and this man started harassing me saying that he knew who I was etc. He called me 5times Friday, then again on sat,sun and Monday I was on a delivery I deliver pizzas at night so I was on a delivery and the house I went to said they didn\'t order a pizza right when I was getting into my car I received a text saying they could see me and he loved looking at my pretty face I was completly freaked out I called the police department and filed a report I didn\'t receive any calls or text untill this morning the guy did it again said something relavant to my day I called the police department again and then I called this guy and let him have it on his Voice mail I told him everytime he calls me, text me I am sending it to the police department so if he is here where I am or really in Los Angeles I am going to press charges and if he is here where I am I am going to get him on a lot more than just harasment. Later today my husband called him because he kept calling me and this guy said he was scared that the police department had called him and he didn\'t mean to take it this far he just got my number from his friend that works for a telemarketing company and his friend wanted him to call me because supposidly I had some pills he wanted to buy. I looked up the telemarketing number on google and I got this so I looked up the number on a reverse look up and I got the name the phone number is under which is Carmen Vidal at 704 S Pacific Ave in San Pedro, Ca 90731

  5. Monroe says:

    I reported this number to my phone company and the National Do not call program. It is obvious that it is a scam. I told the person on the phone they are fraudulent. They were looking for financial information. She replied only by saying Sorry, and hung up.

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