Privacy Policy

We understand the exact condition of respecting the privacy of all visiting people. Because we want to secure whatever kind of information they share, we implement the exact Privacy Policy. This policy can handle the gathered information from all our members and this can help us in evaluating the data we collect. We inform all visiting individuals that all the content on our website are very important and we do not disregard them. About the exact conditions that we apply, it is important for the members and visitors to understand these conditions further.

Required or Necessary Data

Before we allow our members to proceed using our available service, we need to gather important details, which include their legal name, home address, valid email, citizenship and possible employment. As for individuals who refuse to submit the necessary information for the registration, they can discontinue the website freely.

Gathering of Information or Data

The information or data we usually collect are safe with us. However, there are instances wherein we need to share/distribute the data to other legitimate parties. We allow them to view and use the information, but we determine the exact purpose from the given request. In case the law requires us to share the details to other requesting parties, we may need to provide an agreed term.

Checking of Cookies


We follow the rule when it comes to checking web beacons or cookies because this is important when using our website. Regarding the imposed guidelines in terms of web cookies evaluation, we likewise adhere to the implemented rule of the European Union (EU). The information or details involved from our visitors and users usually include the actual browsing portal and Operating System (OS).


We collect the necessary data to assure us proper monitoring of the exact number of people who are viewing and using our website actively. In case we choose to utilize any of the available details we have, our intention is to develop our online visibility and available services we have.

Changing of Privacy  

This existing Privacy Policy is necessary to protect both members and visitors, but we can always change it when we need. Because we have the right to alter/remove anything from this policy, we do not need any authorization or notification.